A Little Extra...

An Organic Lawn Care and Landscape Company

Aaron H. - Dallas, TX

"Everyone asks us what we are doing and why our lawn looks so great!"

Why Organics?

To stay away from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. We build health in the soil with natural and organic products and techniques.

Organically treating your lawn and garden means taking care of the soil first. Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plants. Chemical treatments only address symptoms. Chemical products commonly sold at nurseries and hardware stores do not benefit the soil.  But organic products condition the soil.  They are rich in nitrogen fixing micro-organisms, enzymes, and micro-nutrients that replenish the soil in order to give plants the nourishment they need to keep your yard healthy and radiant.

Lawn and landscape problems arise when plants experience stress. Reasons for stress can be too much or too little water, chemical contamination, poor soil, or compaction. Nature strives to eliminate the weak or stressed lawn by means of weeds, disease, pests, and fungus. Our organic treatments relieve stress and promote healthy sustainable growth. 

For a lush lawn and garden, contact us today!  Just read some of our testimonials below and decide for yourself if organic lawn and garden care is right for you.

No job is too big or too small. Since 1996, we have served Denton, Collin, and North Dallas counties. A Little Extra is a small firm that performs like a much larger company.

Owned by David Bauer, our mission is to naturally stimulate life in the soil for maximum growth and beauty. We offer free estimates upon request.

Contact: David Bauer



Ron S. - Flower Mound, TX
"Our lawn has never looked better!  David explains things in a way anyone can understand."

Richard A. - Dallas, TX
"David and his company are on our A list."

Karen S. - Frisco, TX
"A city official stopped and was sure I was watering more than our restrictions permit.  My secret to my thriving landscape is David and his organic stuff."

Betty B. - Coppell, TX
"David has a great way of providing his services.  He doesn't insult his customers by trying to push long term or yearly contracts."

Sherry S. - Flower Mound, TX
"Our landscape is thriving!  You should change your name to "A Lot Extra."

Sharon B. - Plano, TX
"Thank God for David and his company.  We thought our home and grounds could never look like this without chemicals."

Laurie K. - Lewisville, TX
"Our dogs and children are safe at last and our grass is beautiful."